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Disassembly and Deconstruction

Disassembly, Deconstruction and Disposal

Disassembly and Deconstruction – we are there for you


Why choose us? When decommissioning your equipment, our competition usually only pays you the scrap value minus their disassembly cost.

The Amikon GmbH compensates you much higher. We pay you a set price for entire systems as well as every single reusable component like controls, motors, etc.

It is all to your advantage because your costs are set and in the best case you also get money for your used components and machinery.

Through the experience and routine of our staff, room for new machinery will be available for your upcoming projects in no time. In addition to the safety of your staff and the conservation of the material, the ultimate goal of our high-performance disassembly team is to disrupt your operations as little as possible.

Disassembly and Disposal of:

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Machines
  • Production facilities
  • Industrial robots

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